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Pole dance keychain felt personalised

Pole dance keychain felt personalised

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Pole dance keychain felt personalized

Pole dance felt keychain personalized with different pole dance silhouettes and titles such as Exotic Pole Dance, Pole Princess, Pole Love, Pole Girl. You also determine the colors for the text and motif.

The felt keychains are available in light gray and black.
The felt keychain is approx. 3cm wide and approx. 14cm long.
The felt has a thickness of approx. 3mm and is put together as a loop/double layer.

  • Glitter foil is a thicker material, with a textured surface that feels slightly rough after transfer.
  • Twinkle glitter foil Glitter elements lie between 2 transparent films and have reflective properties; when light hits it you can see the soft silicone finish glow. The surface is soft and smooth

Size - approx. L: 14cm x W: 3cm
Color - Light Gray & Black

Material composition:
100% polyester felt

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